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Who would be interested in Weekend Scooter Rides This Summer!?

Posted by kyle j on January 21, 2013 at 5:00 PM

We are planning to organize multitiple scooter rides around Connecticut this summer and are looking for riders to join. Please let us know if you are interested and please feel free to leave us ideas or comments/suggestions on where you would like to ride to. Thank You Very Much!

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Reply Chris-MacCoy Technology
12:43 AM on February 7, 2013 
Something that gets people riding is riding for a cause... We could do a fundraiser for like the soup kitchen.. 5 dollars per person each ride. I took a ride out to Preston CT. Went to button wood farms (ice cream). Was a beautiful ride, not far from casinos.
Reply Ronald Buonanducci
12:02 PM on April 7, 2013 
Do you perform work on Lambretta scooters?
I have a TV175 Serice III 1963 I want to restore
I have all the part but the motor need overhaul and update with electronic engition
I also need some foot panels replace. I'm waiting for your store in Vernon to open up since i also have another scooter that needs attention as well.
Reply Patty
7:47 PM on May 6, 2013 
I just got a 49cc Honda Ruckus and would love to start to go on some rides. Please let me know if any are available. I line in east haven, ct
Reply Tyren
2:06 AM on June 19, 2013 
I would like to ride on the weekends this summer I tryin to find a few friends to go riding with
Reply Dana Berki
4:19 PM on November 23, 2013 
Hi. I wish I had known about this this past summer. If you coordinate rides next summer. Please let me know. I would love to join. thank you so much. Dana :)
Reply Dana Berki
7:01 PM on November 23, 2013 
Hi. I am leaving a suggestion because someone mentioned having a fund raiser event scooter ride. About a year ago, my 11 yr old duarf pet house rabbit almost died and I had two vets want to put him to sleep over a very common and easy to cure ailment. (I later found out that most vets have had little to no schooling in regard to rabbit or other exotic or small animals yet are legally able to provide medical care for them) Anyway, I also couldnt come up with the entire vet fee especially after already seeing two vets. My last resort was a possible option to place my beloved and only pet into a rabbit rescue shelter in hope that they would then care for his needs. Well, it turned out that they were full and couldnt take him. But they willingly helped me with the vet bill through their knowledgeable vet. I will never forget the day that this complete stranger pulled out her check book to help me and my rabbit. Since then, I have also volunteered at this rabbit rescue in Norwalk, Ct called Hop A long Hollow. They have been in business for over ten years. Unlike most shelters, they take and care for sick rabbits. Most of the rabbits they obtain have been neglected, abused or let free to die. Linda, the owner has a web site and also a group that can be seen on Face book where she posts up to date photos/videos and reports of the rabbits in her care. She has many! This is a woman who works 16 hours a day toward these rabbits. And, they rely on donations to help with the housing/food/care and most importantly medical vet care costs. There are many videos and ads and face book posts about the horrors of animal abuse. But, I have found that it is more productive toward animals as well as emotionally for oneself to actively do something toward the good benefit of animals in need. This is a legit and incredible place run by one of the most caring people I have ever met. And, I have really been wanting to do more for them. I would love to coordinate an event fund raiser toward helping The Hop A LOng Hollow in Norwalk, Ct Thank you!!!!!!!
Reply doug
3:17 PM on December 17, 2013 
9Anyone know where i can get jonway raptor parts? Need inside dash,plastics. Thanx
Reply Dave LaFontaine
1:15 PM on March 18, 2014 
yes I am interested in the scooter rides you are planing around Ct
Reply Steve
6:38 AM on May 8, 2014 
I would be interested in rides, i am out any day the weather is good and i go for long rides.
i have a Taotao GT5 similar to the Apex 50 that i rebuilt so it could handle travel.
Reply Luis Rosado
10:54 PM on July 6, 2015 
I bought a yellow V.I.P. Like two summers ago in your shop in manchester. I would love to ride with you guys.
Luis Rosado
Reply Diego Quispe morales
4:03 AM on October 1, 2015 
Estoy interesado en uno de sus productos quiero saber q necesito para acceder al crédito para un scooter gracias
Reply Diego Quispe morales
4:07 AM on October 1, 2015 
He did not speak English, but I am interested in purchasing a scooter know how to pay it in installments
Reply james alfonso
2:27 PM on April 21, 2016 
I think we should organize a fund raiser for the vet's. For all they have done for us and the usa. All money would go to help them out. I think $20.00 per rider would be very nice.
Reply Tracy
4:09 PM on July 6, 2016 
would like other riders to rith with!!!
Reply Christopher Facey
10:23 PM on July 11, 2016 
I would love to go riding this summer
Reply David V
8:56 AM on August 27, 2016 
Hi I just recently bought a scooter and would love people to ride with. - Moosup, CT
Reply Frank Schwager
4:39 AM on September 14, 2016 
I live in Mansfield Ct and would like to meet up with other riders that have a 250 cc scooter or better.
Reply SamuelCon
7:46 AM on July 27, 2017 
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