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Quotes " I recently purchased a Genuine Roughhouse 50 from Scooter Pros. The scooter has far exceeded my expectations for quality, value and performance. Kyle's customer service, knowledge and professionalism can't be matched. Do not purchase a 50cc scooter until you talk to Kyle and see a Genuine R50 in-person." Tom A. An extremely satisfied customer! Quotes
Tom A.

Quotes Before I bought a scooter, I stopped two random scooter-riders on the side of the road and asked them where they got their scooters. Both said go to Connecticut Scooter Pros in Vernon. These customers spoke VERY highly of the business and highly reccomended that I go there. After my experience with CT Scooter Pros I want to pay it forward to anybody in the market for a scooter. GO TO CONNECTICUT SCOOTER PROS!!!! This business is a class act and the owner, Kyle is very knowledgable and will be 100% honest with you about which scooter is best for you based off of your needs, not based off of a higher price tag. I bough a Lance Cabo and I LOVE IT!! I had a Great experience and I would highly reccomend CT Scooter Pros. I will be going nowere else for my scooter! Thanks Kyle and Scooter Pros Crew! Quotes
Micheal Wilson
Happy Customer!

Quotes Kyle and Tony, I want to thank you guys for the extra help you had given me, I had totally no idea how to run a scooter and when it came time to purchase one you guys where there, great styles , prices, and most of all customer service was A1....Keep up the good work and good luck this summer Quotes
Dave LaFontaine
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Love my Buddy!! Larry and i got our Buddy in July and had a great summer. Larry will be getting his Roughhouse Sport 50 in October and we look forward to long rides together! Donna Quotes
Donna Dubinsky
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I got my Scooter from Kyle and have had a blast. I ride it to and from work every day 5 miles each way and make sure to take it out for a ride at night also. Very good people to deal with, CLASS ACT - Quotes
Mike McKnight
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I LOVE my Genuine RoughHouse! LOVE it! I'm a 33 year old Mother of 2 and I do a lot of errands around town.. My scooter is Powerful, fun, and liberating ..... So nice to scoot-a-bout on the roads around town!! Quotes
Chandra R.
HIGHLY Recommended!

Quotes They really took the time to explain every question we had about scooters! Highly recommend Connecticut scooter pros! The staff is wonderful! Thank you for such great service! Quotes
Mel F.
Great Customer Service!

Quotes Very happy with my new Genuine scooter, I will definitely be doing business with Kyle and Michelle again in the future! Quotes
Zach L.
Thank You!

Quotes Let me just say the Genuine Roughhouse Titanium is ridiculous! It is amazing how well it handles really long steep hills. Most scooters can't go as fast on flat roads as this does up hills. Definitely a genuine quality product! Kyle you were great to deal with and I will be back! Quotes
Matt G.
I love my new Genuine Rough House 50

Quotes Connecticut Scooter Pros was great to us...very imformative and patient. We got to look around at all they had to offer (even though I had my mind pretty much made up on which one I wanted before I even got there, lol). Tammy and I couldn't wait to get home and get them off the truck! We tooled around town all day today on them showing them off to our friends and family in our local area, next week we plan on traveling a little further out to do a little relaxed exploring! Thanks to all the staff at Ct Scoooter Pros, you guys were great! Quotes
Mark B
Thank You!
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