Scooter Sport 50


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Sport 50


Dealer Insights

Like most things in life, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! This entry-level Chinese scooter is offered purely for customers who care more about a low price than quality, those who "can get a scooter off the internet cheaper". Cheap scooters are cheap for a reason. The quality of the major components is very poor, causing them to wear-out and fail within 12 months or less, resulting in expensive repair bills. WHY DO WE SELL THEM? Great question... Our theory: If you are prepared to pay $799 from an online internet website in California and assemble it yourself, you might as well get it from a dealer who is knowledgeable, honest, has it in stock for you to see and knows how to fix it. Let our Scooter Pros show you the difference between a cheap scooter and a quality scooter! Just keep in mind, for a few dollars more you can invest in a QUALITY Bintelli or Wolf scooter that will last 10x's longer. TRUST US, a good quality scooter will cost much less to own in the long run and will provide years of DEPENDABLE and ENJOYABLE scooting! Call: (860) 454-4742

Our most affordable entry level package begins at $799, call today to speak with our sales staff!

*MSRP may not include dealer freight, prep, conveyance depending on make / model*